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Made in New Zealand

O004B - Hi Temp 46 Hydraulic Oil

209 Litre
Premium Virgin Oil
Aegis have a range of 5 High Performance mineral based (zinc free) Hydraulic Oils formulated to lubricate and protect hydraulic systems operating at high pressures and temperatures.
These oils are compatible with most metals used in hydraulic systems, including copper and bronze. The oils also offer excellent anti-foam and rust protection, plus excellent demulsibility and filterability.

Aegis (zinc free) Hydraulic Oils are suitable for use where anti-wear hydraulic oils are specified in systems using vane, piston or gear pumps, and are specially suited for use in hydraulic systems operating in arduous conditions such as forklifts, front end loaders, diggers and earth moving power control systems, including those with axial piston pumps for which bronze corrosion protection is often of concern. These oils are also entirely suitable for use as circulating oils.

• Outstanding Corrosion Protection
• Good Filterability
• Demulsification
• Very high oxidation stability
• Retention of performance that extends fluid and equipment life
  • Premium Virgin Oil
  • MAG IAS (Cincinnati Milacron) P-68-69-70
  • Denison HF-0/HF-1/HF-2
  • Denison T-6H20C Hybrid Pump (A-TP-30533)
  • DIN 51524 part 2 and 3
  • US Steel 127/136
  • Eaton (Vickers) M-2950-S/I-286-S
  • Viscosity @ 40ºC, 46 cst
  • Viscosity @ 100ºC, 6.9 cst
  • Viscosity Index 104
  • Pour Point, -18ºC
  • Flash Point, +220ºC
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