SWIFTCUTSwiftcut 1250W
CNC Plasma Cutting Table
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Order Code: P9014
Swiftcut 1250W - CNC Plasma Cutting Table (415V)
Water Tray System, Hypertherm Powermax 125
Cuts up to 25mm
On Special - Ends 1st April 2018
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Swift-Cut 1250W
Cutting Table Capacity (mm)
1250 x 1250
Thickness Cutting Capacity - Mild Steel (mm)
Plasma Cutting Unit
Hypertherm Powermax 125
Current Output (amp)
30 - 125
Duty Cycle (Typical)
100% @ 125A
Fume Management (Type)
Water Tray System
Cutting Gas (Type)
Air or Nitrogen
Plasma Unit Input Voltage (V)
415V with Neutral
Plasma Unit Input Amperage (amp)
Swiftcut 1250WT - CNC Plasma 1250 x 1250mm Cutting Table and Hypertherm Powermax 125 to cut up to 25mm

Our Swiftcut plasma cutting tables offer an affordable alternative to outsourcing, enabling you to take greater control of your business.
  • Water tray for efficient control of sparks and fumes
  • Removable stainless steel splash guards for side rail protection
  • Dropped rails for ease of loading full sheets
  • Gantry parking to allow full sheet to be loaded overhead
  • Heavy duty steel construction with durable paint finish
  • Smooth motion linear V wheels
  • Dual drive Y-axis
  • Proximity sensing for reliable and robust switching
  • Auto adjusting X-axis linear V rollers
  • Rack and pinion drive system
  • Magnetic breakaway head eliminates damage to torch and improves safety
  • Cut metal up to 25mm thick depending on the Hypertherm Powermax unit selected
  • Digital Torch-Height Control (DTHC) Quick response for improved cut quantity and improved torch consumable life
  • Dynamic Cut Control (DCC) on Hypertherm powermax 65/85/105/125, Software control of cutting amps and air pressure, Error messages from plasma unit displayed on Swiftcut control screen, Varied cutting speed control from the console for improved cut quality. INDUSTRY 1st UNIQUE TO SWIFT-CUT

  • Free-Standing Operators Console
  • 18.5" flat panel LCD monitor
  • Built in controller with dual CPU
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • E-Stop safety button
  • External USB and network port for transfer of files and network connection
  • Easy access for maintenance

  • Swift-Cam level 1 CAD/CAM program. Conversion of any DXF file to Swiftcut machine code, manual nesting of parts, 2D parametric library, sheet properties and 2D cycle simulation
  • Swiftcut CNC control software
  • Team viewer software for remote support
Optional Accessories
  • Swift-Trace Camera - Optical reverse engineering, convert a hand drawn sketch to a DXF file for quick production.
  • Go from line drawings to cutting your design in four simple steps with the Swift-Trace system.

  • Swift-Marker Unit - Integrated pneumatic marker. Can be used to automatically mark text, fold lines and centre marks on components prior to profiling to avoid costly second operations.
  • Great for part numbering or serial numbering of parts.

  • Swift-Cam level 2 (P9051) Level 1 + auto nesting with 1 click plate utilisation
  • Swift-Cam level 3 (P9052) Level 2 + cutting path auto correction, 3D simulation and cycle time calculation
  • HVAC (P9053) Parametric shape library of adjustable drawings for converting 3D components into 2D cutting profiles commonly used in the HVAC market. Can be used alongside Swift-CAM Level 1 or Level 2 for auto nesting parts.

Product Brochure
Powermax 125 Instruction Manual
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Swift Cut Brochure
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Swift Cut - FAQs
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  • Swift-Cut 1250W (P9014)
Cutting Table Capacity (mm)
Thickness Cutting Capacity - Mild Steel (mm)
Plasma Cutting Unit
Current Output (amp)
Duty Cycle (Typical)
Fume Management (Type)
Cutting Gas (Type)
Plasma Unit Input Voltage (V)
Plasma Unit Input Amperage (amp)
Price (ex GST)
Price (inc GST)

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