Hydraulic NC Guillotine & NC Panbrake Package Deal
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    Rear Guarding View
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    Control Unit
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    Ezy Set NC 89 Controller
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    250mm Throat
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    Blade Clearance Adjustment Lever
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    Hydraulic Material Hold Downs
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    900mm Motorised Back Gauge
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    3 x Photo Electric rear guarding
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    Material Transfer Balls On The Table
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    Squaring Arm
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    Flip Over Material Stop
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    Adjustable and Sliding Mitre Guide
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    Foot Control
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    Fine Adjustment Back Gauge
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    See Through Safety Guard
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    Electrical Cabinet
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    Photo Electric rear guarding-Light Sensor
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    Emergency Stop Switches
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    Blade Clearance Chart
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    Lubrication Chart
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    PB 830A
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    Back View
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    Control Panel With Digital Readout
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    Hydraulic System
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    Rapid Blade Adjustment For Material Thickness
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    Removable Fingers
Order Code: K059
HG-2504 & PB-830T - Hydraulic NC Guillotine & NC Panbrake Package Deal (415V)
Ezy-Set NC-89 Guillotine - 2500 x 4mm, NC Ezy Touch Screen Panbrake 2500 x 4mm
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Package Contains:
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HG-2504 + PB-830T
Shearing Capacity - Mild Steel (mm)
Shearing Capacity - Stainless Steel (mm)
Shearing Length (mm)
Backgauge Travel (mm)
Backgauge Control (Type)
Ezy-Set NC-89
Quick Action Blade Clearance Adjustment
Backgauge (Type)
Hardened Ballscrew
Strokes / min (SPM)
Blade Angle (deg)
1º 30
Throat Depth (mm)
Motor Power (kW / hp)
4 / 5.5
Voltage / Amperage (V / amp)
Nett Weight (kg)
S934 = HG-2504 GUILLOTINE:
MetalMaster Quality Guillotines feature high durability, and provide precision shearing capabilities, The Guillotine main frames are constructed from rolled, stress relieved solid steel to prevent distortion during the shearing process and under extreme continuous loads.

MetalMaster Guillotines are produced in high volume production process and therefore are able to be manufactured cost effectively, resulting in affordable price, representing value for money and quicker return on investment.

This heavy duty over driven style, fixed rake guillotine has been developed for shearing material from mild steel through to stainless steel due to the specially designed shearing blades with characteristics of 1. High resistance to wear, 2. High resistance to corrosion, 3. High resistance to impact & 4. High tensile strength.

All electrical components are off European quality supplied by, Schneider.

USA Hydraulic control valve unit supplied by Omega.
  • S934 = HG-2504 GUILLOTINE:
  • Hydraulic individual sheet material clamping system with nylon inserts to protect material from indentation from the clamping cylinders along full length of machine.
  • Ezy-Set NC-89 Go-To digital display control provides up to 900mm travel on the powered leadscrew backgauge allowing operator to program the cut length required. Also fitted is a stroke counter and stroke adjustment dial allowing shorter materials to be cut using a shorter stroke length, this feature will increase production.
  • Blade gap adjusting dial mounted on side of machine for convenient and accurate alteration for all your material thickness from 0.5 - 4mm. This dial is designed so that a straightforward rotation clock or anti clockwise to achieve desired plate thickness. Measurement on dial indicates and refers to actual blade gap distance in millimetres
  • Control box mounted higher than standard on face of machine to protect it from material damaging the control unit due to heavy material loading on sheet supports prior shearing.
  • Transfer balls inserted into work table allowing material to be easily moved to the cut position and squaring arm.
  • Top shearing blade made from 6CrW2Si quality composite and has two (2) cutting edges allowing minimised down time in blade rotation.
  • Bottom shearing blade made from 6CrW2Si quality composite and has four (4) cutting edges allowing minimised down time in blade rotation.
  • The core structure of the steel main frame has been electronically welded ensuring maximum penetration during the manufacturing process. In addition to this feature the cutting beam has been stress relieved eliminating any distortion after manufacturing.
  • Shadow line lighting has been incorporated into the machine frame providing a clear cutting line on the work piece and enabling scribed or marked material to be cut with simplicity as required.
  • Heavy duty squaring arm is fitted with a graduated rule and adjustable flip up front stops and mitre guide allowing operator to cut to measure from the front of machine. Flip over stops can be set to repeat cutting length required with accuracy. The arm also aligns the material to be located square to the cutting edge.
  • Three safety photo electric safety rear guards fitted to steel side gates ensuring that the machine will be disabled when person enters rear of machine when in use. Sliding rear material chutes fitted with inserted ball transfers to allow material to skate away from machine allowing operator to retrieve cut pieces without disabling machine
  • Mild steel capacity is rated on hot rolled material with 250MPA

  • S584T = PB-830T PANBRAKE:
  • 2500mm x 4mm bending capacity
  • Ezy-Touch NC Touch Screen Control features 99 programs, each program has up to 20 bends & each bend has material compensation. It also incorporates a quick bend function for jobbing work
  • Auto cycle: after clamping bottom beam will bend to pre-set angle and return, head unclamps to set position
  • Ezy-Touch NC programmable opening height & bending dwell time
  • Quick action rapid head adjustment to optimise bend radius on 1-4mm material thickness
  • Heavy duty steel fabricated construction
  • Roving foot pedal incorporates control panel for maximum flexibility
  • Unique moving guards ensures the front of the machine is clear for unobstructed loading/unloading of material
  • Quality hydraulic and electrical components supplies by leading manufactures including Rexroth, Telemechanique and Merlin Gerin
  • Adjustable dwell timer ensures consistent bending angle
  • Extended fingers allows bending of pans or boxes to a depth of 205mm
  • Includes an adjustable rear manual backgauge for tapered material end
  • Mild steel capacity is rated on hot rolled material with 250MPA

  • Pre-Commissioning:
  • 1. Panbrake bender is run & tested prior delivery
  • 2. Hydraulic oil is included with machine
  • S934 = HG-2504 GUILLOTINE:
  • Heavy duty over driven machine construction
  • Rapid blade gap adjustment
  • Emergency stops fitted on both ends of machine for additional safety
  • Individual hydraulic hold downs with nylon pads
  • 250mm throat enables shearing of longer material than 2500mm
  • Shadow line lighting allows operator to quickly see the cut line
  • 900mm Ezy-Set NC-89 Go-To backgauge with fine adjustment
  • Swing away backgauge function for cutting long sheets
  • 4 edge quality 6CrW2Si blades suitable for stainless steel
  • Omega OEM (USA) hydraulic valve system
  • Schneider electrical components
  • Transfer balls on table & support arms
  • Heavy duty support arms and squaring arms
  • Stroke counter and short stroke adjustment
  • Sliding chute fitted, easily allowing operator to retrieve cut pieces
  • Three safety photo electric light beams on rear guarding
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  • HG-2504 + PB-830T (K059)
Shearing Capacity - Mild Steel (mm)
Shearing Capacity - Stainless Steel (mm)
Shearing Length (mm)
Backgauge Travel (mm)
Backgauge Control (Type)
Pneumatic Sheet Supports
Quick Action Blade Clearance Adjustment
Backgauge (Type)
Strokes / min (SPM)
Blade Angle (deg)
Throat Depth (mm)
Motor Power (kW / hp)
Voltage / Amperage (V / amp)
Nett Weight (kg)
Price (ex GST)
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