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SJ-24D Bead Roller

In The Shed: Metalmaster SJ-24D Bead Roller

The Metalmaster SJ-24D Bead Roller is perfect for the professional, automotive enthusiast or anyone wanting to strengthen automotive body panels, roofs, seals or guards.

Constructed from heavy-duty plate steel, the SJ-24D Bead Roller can handle 1.2mm mild steel sheet metal at a generous 470mm throat depth.

The 25mm drive-shafts are supported in quality bearing bushes and incorporate greasing nipples for additional protection.

This machine also includes a stand and six sets of the most commonly used rolls. They are:
● 8mm single bead rolls
● 10mm single bead rolls
● 12mm single bead rolls
● 2mm stepped rolls
● 3mm stepped rolls
● 6mm stepped rolls

Any serious metalworker will truly appreciate the capabilities of the Metalmaster SJ-24D Bead Roller. Purchase yours online today!

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