MFS-14 Magnetic Floor Sweeper

In The Shed: HAFCO MFS-14 Magnetic Floor Sweeper

Need to pick up nails, screws, tacks, bolts, wires, paper clips, swarf or other metal objects?

The HAFCO MFS-14 Magnetic Floor Sweeper (Order Code: M9991) is well-known industry-wide for getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

It features a 600mm-wide lightweight aluminium head with an adjustable floor-sweeping height clearance of 19 - 44mm. Also able to be adjusted to suit is the handle, which extends from 630mm to 1020mm.

Two 180mm rubber-tyred wheels allow easy manoeuvrability of the broom to wherever you need it the most.

With a substantial 13kg capacity, simply pull the magnetic release handle and metal debris drops off when you’re done.

The HAFCO MFS-14 Magnetic Floor Sweeper is the ultimate solution for metal pick-up - every workshop needs one!
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