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VJ-680 Hydraulic Vehicle Positioning Jacks

Save time and money with VJ-680 Vehicle Positioning Jacks, the portable jack/dolly combo that lifts any car in seconds, and then moves it like a piano sliding across a gym floor!

There's no jack like a VJ-680 jack. Its twin rollers slide around the tire and squeeze upward, lifting the tire smoothly off the ground in seconds with a few clicks of the pedal.

The low friction, with 360° castors let you spin, side load, and position the car without damaging the floor or the car, faster and safer than floor jacks and at a fraction of the cost of electric carts.

Vehicle jacks come on a set of 2 and have a 680kg capacity per Jack.

Shop the HAFCO VJ-680 (A332) in store and online today.See more here
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