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Chisa 7.0 Chisel Morticer

The Scheppach Chisa 7.0 is a classic floor standing hollow chisel mortising machine. This model is made of a robust construction which ensures the machine is stable whilst in use.

Get the best results at an economical price with the Scheppach W3465 Chisel Morticer.

The W3465 comes equipped with a useful cabinet storage base and facility to reverse the headstock for mortising door locks, the Chisa 7.0 is the ideal choice for both professional and amateur workshops.

- Heavy duty cast iron frame
- 145mm timber width capacity
- 220mm vertical head stroke
- 200mm maximum workpiece height
- 400 x 150mm table size
- 170 x 140mm table movement
- 16mm keyed drill chuck
- Adjustable depth stop
- Magnetic safety switch
- Adjustable material length stop
- Quick action cam lever material clamp
- Mortice head can be reversed for door locks or hinge holes
- Adjustable overhead cam action lever material clamp
- Mortice head lever can be reposition via spring loaded drive dog system

- 5/8" chisel bit for softwood
- 5/8" chisel bit for hardwood
- 2 x Reducing bushes, 19mm & 20.65mm
- Storage cabinet with lock

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