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CH/S-SET1 3-Piece Chisel Set

For any serious cabinet maker, a selection of specialist chisels are a must and this range features three of the most popular types.

The left and right hand skew chisels are ideal for very fine and accurate work, such as tidying up joints and recess corners. The corner chisel is perfect for accurately marking up and hollowing the corners of mortices and other joints.

The Record Power model features premium quality chrome manganese steel blades, quenched in molten salt gradually reducing temperature creating a superior blade hardened to 59 Rockwell. This is ideal for tidying up joints and recess corners and the handles made from white hornbeam.

Precision Marking - The skew chisels are ideal for scoring joint shoulders at exactly the right height

Perfect Joints Every Time - The skew chisels are perfect for reaching tight corners to tidy up sockets and recesses to help create snug fitting joints

Easy and Accurate Corners - Ensure perfect alignment when scoring and hollowing out mortice corners using this specialist cabinet maker’s chisel

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